Dreaming of Pirates and Navymen

...and wishing it was real

Soon to be out of highschool, I am an unemployed writer. I'm gay,(and proud!. I read. A lot. So I know many things on a variety of subjects from philosphy to biology. (Not to brag, but sometimes I surprise myself)

Fort Dobbs is the best place on earth! French and Indian war!!!

Lysander Courtenay is my little child of imagination...*sigh* he's so wonderful and angsty...

So yeah....just drop a line! I love making new friends and like I said I love to talk so IM anytime!


Spamala97 (I need to learn tags soon) created one of my gillington ones

Sorry people but due to recent events this is now a friend's only journal, if you want to look over my journal for all my fics and what not please friend me and I'll get you back as soon as possible. I'm sorry if this is inconvient but...I have no choice!

Feel free to IM me if you have questions!

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